Back to School…The right nutrients can make all the difference! | Blog | Nurture

It’s that time of year again where we are getting our children ready for school. Unfortunately, where you have a large group of children, runny noses, coughs and colds are not far behind. Doctor’s visits and antibiotics can pile up and the whole family is often affected.

Interestingly, a combination of probiotics (lactobacillus acidophilus NCFM and Bifidobacterium lactis BiO7), well known for their gastrointestinal benefit, was found to be effective in preventing these symptoms in children.

According to the Journal of Paediatrics (2008;121;S115), a group of children aged 3-5 were given a combination of these probiotic strains at 10 billion CFU’s daily. The children receiving this combination had 63% reduction of fever, 54% reduction of coughing, 44% reduction in a runny nose, and an 80% reduction in antibiotic use. The duration of symptoms was almost halved from 6.5 days initially to 3.4 days with these probiotics.  It was concluded that daily consumption significantly reduced the incidence and duration of respiratory tract infections in children.

But that is not the only benefit of these friendly bacteria. They also help to regulate gut function and help to keep little tummies healthy and happy. This can be especially important in those children who were born via caesarean section or were bottle-fed, as natural delivery and breastfeeding support the population of the infant’s sterile intestine with the mother’s micro-flora which support immunity and help to reduce the chance of developing food allergies.

Nurture by Metagenics offers a Kid’s probiotic that features the exact strains mentioned in the article above, in a tasty grape flavoured chewable tablet that kids will love!

 Another vital supplement for children is Vitamin D3. Vitamin D is our ‘sunshine vitamin’ as we can manufacture it in our skin from rays from the sun. However, due to our indoor lifestyle, and wearing sunscreen, our vitamin D levels are often deficient, even here in sunny South Africa! Vitamin D3 is the more bioavailable form of vitamin D, is more easily absorbed and utilized than vitamin D2. Vitamin D is vital in numerous reactions in our body, especially in neurological and brain health, bone health and immunity. Nurture features a vitamin D3 in a pleasant mint flavoured liquid form, which is an ideal delivery form for children.

Adding probiotics and vitamin D3 to your children’s supplementation program will help to smooth over the bumps in the road back to school.