Which Fish oil is best for you?

We all know that omega oils are incredibly beneficial to our health, but there are so many different types and forms to choose from. It is often difficult to know which one is best suited to our particular set of needs.

Omega Oils are also known as essential fatty acids because of they are required to maintain life and they cannot be manufactured in the body. 

There are two fatty acids that are considered essential for humans: ALA (alpha-linolenic acid) which is an omega-3 fatty acid, and LA (linoleic acid) which is an omega 6 fatty acid. They are required in a 1:1 ratio in the body, but because the typical western diet is fairly high in omega 6, most of us only need to supplement with omega 3.

Although Omega 3 can be found in the diet in vegetarian forms such as flaxseed, the body converts only a small portion of these plant forms of omega 3 into the active EPA and DHA that the body can actually use. For this reason, it is recommended to supplement with marine sourced omega 3 oils that yield EPA and DHA directly. 

Sadly, due to oceanic pollution, fish oils can be high in various toxins. These toxins are often concentrated in fish oils making them unhealthy. With this being said, Nurture Fish Oil is third party tested for over 250 contaminants including 220 pesticides, 6 heavy metals and 7 markers of PCB’s which means you no longer have to be concerned about the quality you're putting into your body.

Furthermore, Nurture Fish Oil is sourced from sustainably wild-caught fish rather than farmed fish as farmed fish have a higher concentration of toxins and a lower concentration of Omega 3 levels.

Nurture’s Fish Oil softgels provide the ideal amount of Omega 3 for healthy adult maintenance.